What is WebSmart TV?

Due to the innovative nature of the web, new terms, concepts, and phenomena are developing around us all the time. In fact, there are already so many new words in circulation, it’s like there’s an entirely new language being created just for the web! With so many new terms already circulating, and tons more entering the fray all the time, how can anyone stay up to date?

Enter WebSmart TV: a simple, accessible, and powerful online resource created specifically for Average Joes and Janes who want to be better educated and versed when it comes to current web terminology. Created and produced by STA Digital (formerly Headstand Media), a Chicago Digital Strategy company, WebSmart TV is free, video-based, and ready to teach you something new in every episode.

We’re here to deliver short, speedy, content-driven videos that will teach you the basics of some of the web’s hottest terms and topics, without your having to sit through long, drawn-out monologues. Every WebSmart TV episode is about 1 minute long and centers on one specific topic. If you’re still not satisfied, you can dig deeper here on the WebSmart.tv website for even more videos and a more thorough explanation of each topic.

Sound like something you could get used to? Then join us for each episode, and stay smart!

Who Are We?

STA Digital logoWebSmart TV is a service of STA Digital (formerly Headstand Media). We’re a Chicago digital strategy company that operates at the intersection of creativity + technology, harnessing the best the web has to offer and using it to tell a unique story. Through improved search performance, innovative design, and brand positioning, we take businesses to the upper level of awareness and give them the tools to unlock their future on the web. Need help with your online strategy? Let us know!

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