What is Web 2.0?

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Web 2.0 is a term often used today to define a “second generation” of web development and design—it is a far-reaching term that encompasses a great number of new ideas, technologies, communities, and services.

If the “first generation” used the Internet as a simple retrieval mechanism for information, the Web 2.0 generation represents the movement to the Internet as an interactive platform upon which to collaborate, develop, share, and operate simultaneously on the World Wide Web.

Important Web 2.0 developments include web-based communities, hosting services, and applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

An important distinction to draw between first generation web and Web 2.0 is that the latter emphasizes an “architecture of participation.” This concept of web-as-participation-platform has evolved the overall online experience. Key to its success is the empowering of the user to not just access but control data click here. Think of it as “hands-on Internet.”

In the business world, the Web 2.0 phenomenon has created a stir of innovative activity. Many companies are scrambling to create an “online experience” for their customers/clients, and figuring out how to harness new technologies to expand their brands, products, and influence.

Chances are you’ve heard “Web 2.0” thrown around a lot—it’s important to remember that Web 2.0 is simply a term (its specific, agreed-upon definition as-yet undetermined) and is usually subject to interpretation. The big picture, however, shows Web 2.0 as an important element of today’s buzzing online landscape.

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